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Retreat Dharma Talks at Saskatoon Insight Meditation Community

Wednesday Night Talks: The Parami (2021-2022)

2021-11-03 (183 days) Saskatoon Insight Meditation Community

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2021-11-03 Crossing the Floods - an intro to the Parami 57:37
Jeanne Corrigal
The Parami are ten qualities of the heart of the bodhisattva - those who wish to cultivate peace in the world, for all beings. Tonight, we started with setting the foundation of our discussion on the parami, by first talking about the floods that can sweep us along - a tide of worries, duties and pressures - which the parami can help us navigate.
2021-11-10 A Way of Living in Kindness - the Parami of Generosity 55:46
Jeanne Corrigal
The parami are ten qualities of heart and mind that carry us in challenging times. This week we explored the parami of dana (generosity), and the way our individual acts of generosity become a way of living in kindness.
2021-12-01 The Parami of Sila - Good Relations 58:04
Jeanne Corrigal
This week we continue our exploration of the Parami - ten qualities that can support the mind and heart to cross the floods of challenges that can sweep us away. We turn to the practice of sila, which Jeanne likes to translate as good relations, and ways that we can reflect on our skillfulness as a support for joy.
2021-12-08 The Parami of Renunciation 56:25
Jeanne Corrigal
This week's exploration of the Parami looks at the gifts of renunciation.
2022-01-05 Wisdom as a support 54:06
Jeanne Corrigal
This week we continue with Wisdom, the 4th of the 10 Parami, or qualities of heart and mind that support the highest happiness. We explore what wisdom is, and how it can be an accessible, daily support for peace in everyday life.
2022-01-19 Ease of energy 56:10
Jeanne Corrigal
This week we explore the 5th parami of energy - tuning into energy as a sustaining force, and turning it toward wise effort.
2022-02-02 Oh Snail! The Parami of Patience 51:34
Jeanne Corrigal
This week we explored the 6th parami, the beautiful quality of patience, and the ways that patience can be a doorway to freedom. This week we honour our relative the snail and their wisdom!
2022-02-09 Peace of Truthfulness 58:23
Jeanne Corrigal
The 10 Parami are powers that we can lean into and trust. This week we considered the seventh parami of truthfulness and how this quality can support peace in the heart and mind.
2022-02-23 Three Truths 56:16
Jeanne Corrigal
This week we explore the 7th parami of truthfulness with three truths, or understandings, that can bring peace to our hearts and minds.
2022-03-09 Parami of Truthfulness 56:17
Jeanne Corrigal
This week we explore what the three Insights of Insight Meditation are, and how they support the liberating parami of truthfulness, in aligning our hearts with seeing clearly the big picture of how things are.
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